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Patient Protocols

Wrist Stabilization Program

Downloadable PDF: Wrist Stabilization Program 


Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation (Zone II/III)

Downloadable PDF: Flexor Tendon Rehabilation Protocol; Zone II/III 


Manchester Short Splint:

The Manchester short splint permits active wrist extension.

Image from Peck et al. (2014) demonstrating active wrist extension.

The Manchester short splint permits full wrist flexion.

Image from Peck et al. (2014) demonstrating a splinted wrist at full flexion.

Downloadable PDF: The Manchester short splint. A change to splinting practice in the rehabilitation of zone II flexor tendon repairs. [Made available by ResearchGate & Peck et al. (2014)].


Relative Motion Flexion Splint:

Relative Motion Flexion Splint          Relative Motion Flexion Splint

Images from American Association for Hand Surgery showing a finger held in flexion with a relative motion splint.

Additional information may be found here:  Relative Motion Flexion Splinting for Flexor Tendon Repairs: Proof of Concept, Chung et al. (2017)


Boxer’s Fracture/Subcapital Fracture of 5th Metacarpal Bone

Downloadable PDF: Boxer Fracture Protocol 


Dupuytren’s Release

Downloadable PDF: Dupuytren’s Release Protocol


Xiaflex Injection (Dupuytren’s Contracture Release)

Downloadable PDF: Xiaflex Injection Protocol

Safe Zones for Shoulder Rehabilitation

Downloadable PDF: Safe Zones for Shoulder Rehabilitation (Made available by ShoulderDoc.co.uc) 


Conservative Management of Impingement Syndrome

Impingement Syndrome includes:

– Partial Cuff Tear

– Tendinopathy Type III Acromion

– Bone Spurs


Rotator Cuff Repair (Large)

Downloadable PDF: Large Rotator Cuff Repair Protocol (Made Available by Fowler Kennedy) 


Rotator Cuff Surgery: Protocol for Mini-Open or Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Downloadable PDF: Rotator Cuff Surgery, Post Operative Protocol for Mini Open 


Anterior Deltoid Strengthening Exercises

Video demonstrations of Phase 1-4 Exercises: Anterior Deltoid Strengthening Protocol 


Latissimus Dorsi Transfer – for Massive Rotator Cuff Tear

Downloadable PDF: Lats Dorsi Transfer Protocol

Animated Demonstration: Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Transfer Procedure


Abduction Sling

Example of a sling with an abduction pad

Vetted example video: How to Put an Abduction Sling On

(Video taken from YouTube @ Össur Academy: Formfit Shoulder Brace with Abduction – User Instructions)


Total Shoulder Replacement/Hemi-Arthroplasty/Reverse TSR

Downloadable PDF: Shoulder Replacement Protocol